Queen Producers

We are currently working with Industry to update Queen Rearing Best Practice Standards.  Once completed, we will open the endorsed producer's membership!

Supporting Members

Beekeepers and bee lovers who want to support the enhancement of Australian honey bee stocks and the efforts of the AQBBA

Affiliate Membership

Beekeeping organisations, pollination alliances, and any club that benefit from healthy bees are welcome to join!


Two Membership Options

Supporting the Australian Queen Bee Breeders' Association is easy and benefts the whole industry.  We focus on issues related to trade, biosecurity, and honey bee health.

Have your say about the direction of research in Australia and  priortise action on important issues.

Benefits of Membership

AQBBA is a member of the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council with a specific focus on issues that affect honey bee health such as advancements in bee breeding, biosecurity, market access, education and training, and innovation.

Membership demonstrates a commitment to best biosecurity beekeeping practices and supports our efforts in maintaining healthy honey bee populations.  Additionally members are able to share ideas and express concerns that play a hand in shaping our industry's future.