The Purposes of the Australian Queen Bee Breeders' Association shall be to:


    1. Provide a means whereby members can support continued enhancement of Australian honey bee stocks.
    2. Safeguard and protect the biosecurity interests of the Australian beekeeping industry.
    3. Provide a platform whereby members can raise specific areas needing scientific investigation for the improvement of Australian honey bee stocks.
    4. Cooperate with relevant government departments and institutes in instructional and experimental work relevant to the prevention of the spread of bee diseases.
    5. Increase demand for and beekeeper access to quality queen bees suitable to Australian honey producing and pollination industries.
    6. Promote good queen bee producing practices through promoting a Code of Practice.
    7. Secure an adequate return for labour and capital investment needed to produce high quality queen bees.
    8. Secure suitable export markets Australian queen bees.
    9. Provide a platform where all beekeepers interested in stock enhancement can learn best practice techniques.