1:00 pm 26th July via ZOOM

All are welcome.  Please come learn about the AQBBA and get involved!

Due to the limitations of a Zoom meeting with many participants the agenda will be confined to the essential business of the Annual General Meeting only.  The agenda will be as follows:

  • Present/Apologies
  • Confirmation of the previous Annual General Meeting minutes
  • Presidents Report – Discussion and acceptance
  • Treasurers Report – Discussion and acceptance
  • Correspondence Report – Discussion and acceptance
  • Election of Committee for 2021
  • Setting of annual membership fee
Call for nominations: 
Nominations will be called for all positions of the Committee.  Nominations will be accepted when called for during the meeting.  If a member is unable to participate in the meeting but wishes to make a nomination for the committee, their nomination must be made on the nomination form and must be made and seconded by current financial members of the Association.  Nominations must be received by the secretary no later than Tuesday the 21st of July.  The committee is comprised as follows;
President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and up to five Ordinary Members.
President and Treasurer reports will be sent to all members one week prior to the Annual General Meeting.  A link and access code to the meeting will also accompany the meeting reports.
Membership Renewal:
The financial year of the AQBBA commences on the 1st of April and as such memberships are now due and payable.  Memberships must be received by Thursday the 16th of July for members to participate in the Annual General Meeting.  Members who have joined or renewed since the 1st of January 2020 will be taken as current for this AGM and for the coming Association year.   Memberships may be renewed via the website -


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